Practical Use of ESP

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In the early 1980's, Richard Ireland successfully pinpointed a $60 Million dollar oil field and two natural gas wells in Texas. In the words of geologist Wade Ramsey: "I never thought a psychic could do it." Fellow geologist Perry Davis similarly noted: "I've never heard of anything like it." Jerry Conser, a Dallas based Oil Executive who gambled on Richard's psychic abilities, was quoted as follows: "Wildcat drilling - drilling in areas that haven't been tested before - is only about 10 percent successful. Nine out of ten are 'dry holes'. And only 1 in 100 wildcat wells ever makes big money. That's why Richard Ireland's track record is so remarkable."

Richard explained, "I close my eyes, concentrate and run my fingers over the map. When my fingers hit a certain spot, I stop. They mark the place and I continue." Geologist Ramsy said that he was amazed at the massive size of the oil field that Richard pinpointed: "It's a big one, a rich one!"

Richard donated proceeds from this work to charitable organizations, including an Orphanage in Mexico. "It's a gift from God, so I don't believe in abusing it. I am dedicated to making man's lot on this earth better." Jerry Conser also set aside proceeds for psychic research. "We both want to throw light on the whole area of parapsychology by making money available to serious researchers."

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